Jeff Croft

I’m a product designer in Seattle, WA. I recently worked at Simply Measured, and previously co-founded Lendle.

Some of my past clients include Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, and the University of Washington.

I’ve authored two books on web and interactive design and spoken at dozens of conferences around the world.

I’m currently accepting contract work and considering full-time opportunities.

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  • Blog entry // 07.11.2008 // 12:40 PM // 61 Comments

    MobileMe doesn’t support calendar subscriptions

    There are a lot of things to complain about when it comes to the launch of Apple’s MobileMe service, which is still in an on-again-off-again state more than 40 hours after it was supposed to be available. I’ve done my fair share of complaining, though, and I’m done bitching about the launch. For now, I’d like to move on and talk about the product itself. Overall, I’m pretty impressed, but it does have one missing feature that’s kind of killing me right now: calendar subscriptions.

    If you’re a heavy iCal user, as I am, you are probably subscribed to several remote .ics calendars. At Blue Flavor, we use 37signals’ Backpack for several internal calendars, for schedules, holidays, meetings, and more. I also subscribe to several .ics calendars from social networking services like Upcoming and Dopplr.

    A few days ago, before .Mac was turned off, these calendars synced to my iPhone without issue. Now, with MobileMe, they don’t.

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    Twitter, no doubt.

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    Twittering at Refresh

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    Josh's message from the future.

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    I have a sound icon!

  • Photo // 07.28.2007 // 10:49 PM // Seattle, WA // flickr

    The new home office.

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