Jeff Croft

I’m a product designer in Seattle, WA. I lead Design at a stealthy startup. I recently worked at Simply Measured, and previously co-founded Lendle.

Some of my past clients include Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and the University of Washington.

I’ve authored two books on web and interactive design and spoken at dozens of conferences around the world.

But seriously, who gives a shit?

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  • Blog entry // 08.19.2010 // 4:25 PM // 26 Comments

    Random thoughts on Facebook Places

    As someone who has enjoyed and written about location-based services (LBS) since I first started using Foursquare and Gowalla at South by Southwest two years ago, and as a developer for a social app that uses the “check-in” concept, and as a close friend of someone who worked on it, I was anxiously awaiting the launch of Facebook’s “Places,” their take on the whole LBS thing.

    Places went live in earnest today, and it’s rolling out slowly to Facebook users across the network. It’s available in the iPhone app and also on the touch version of Facebook’s website (tip: you may have to log out of and back into the iPhone app before the check-in functionality shows up for you).

    This is a short list of random thoughts from my first impressions in playing with Facebook Places.

  • Blog entry // 03.08.2010 // 9:48 AM // 27 Comments

    Foursquare versus Gowalla, round two

    A year ago, two exciting location-based social games launched at South By Southwest Interactive, the annual geek-fest that is something of a mecca for web nerds. After playing with both down in Austin, I wrote a blog post entitled A look at Foursquare and Gowalla. Although the post didn’t generate a ton of discussion, it is still consistently near the very top of my most-viewed-posts stats. A year ago, location-based social games were something of a novelty — now, they’re the hottest thing going.

    So, I thought I’d post a follow-up, letting you know what’s changed, why these two games may not be as similar as you think, and which I personally prefer.

  • Blog entry // 03.20.2009 // 8:22 AM // 18 Comments

    A look at Foursquare and Gowalla

    Two highly-anticipated, location-based, IRL-style “games” for iPhone were launched at South By Southwest Interactive this year, and I thought I’d take a few moments to report on my experiences with each one.

    First up is Foursquare, a sequel of sorts to the popular Dodgeball mobile tool, which was purchased by Google a few years ago and then killed very recently. The second new iPhone game is Gowalla, and it comes from my good friends at Alamofire. The two have a lot in common, but as you might expect, it’s their differences that are interesting. Let’s get into it…

  • Blog entry // 01.14.2007 // 10:02 PM // 23 Comments

    Geocoding My Life

    Shortly after I first integrated my Flickr photos into (using Flickr’s awesome API), the photo sharing site added geocoding features, letting members tag photos with latitude and longitude information. Being someone who is obsessed with metadata, taxonomy, and the like, I quickly and meticulously geocoded my photos.

    I wanted to incorporate that geo data in some interesting way here at, but the fact that I was (at the time) using dead-end code for this site (I planned to re-write it all) made me hold off until I’d finished the new version.

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