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I’m a product designer in Seattle, WA. I recently worked at Simply Measured, and previously co-founded Lendle.

Some of my past clients include Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, and the University of Washington.

I’ve authored two books on web and interactive design and spoken at dozens of conferences around the world.

I’m currently accepting contract work and considering full-time opportunities.

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Matt Robin

Matt Robin, a really great guy I met in London, has just launched the new version of his site. Lookin’ good, Matt! :)

Visit site...


  1. 001 // sandro // 05.07.2007 // 1:07 AM

    Friends don’t let friends use seperate images for a and a:hover. Background-position enabled sprites please!

  2. 002 // Jeff Croft // 05.07.2007 // 10:42 AM

    I dunno about Matt, but I would be irritated if I took the time to redesign my site and the only thing you noticed was that I used separate images for rollover effects.

    I mean, I agree with you — sprites would be better — but the dude just redesigned his site. How about commenting on the design before getting into pedantic technical details?

  3. 003 // Brian Ford // 05.07.2007 // 12:39 PM

    I mentioned this on his Virb announcement — but there seems to be a lot of wasted space between the header image and the start of content.

    I can’t even see any content without scrolling on my Macbook.

    Other than that, it looks really good.

  4. 004 // Jeff Croft // 05.07.2007 // 12:55 PM

    Brian: I believe that’s a bug that only happens in Safari. I noticed the same thing and thought it surely couldn’t be right, so I opened the site in Firefox and it didn’t have the problem. So, that’s something Matt needs to fix, for sure — but I don’t think it’s the way he intended it to look. :)

  5. 005 // sandro // 05.07.2007 // 6:11 PM

    yeah, sorry for coming off harsh but your background sets a high standard for your links. As far as usability equates to design I’d argue that I made a design remark:

    jcroft (Jeff Croft) says… Sigmund: We are not artists, we are designers. Familiarity breeds usability.

    The background images were the first thing I noticed and as he seems to be a friend of yours, I was getting on your case for not informing him of the usability issue. If I had a comment for Matt specifically, I would have left it on his website, not yours.

    Now that that’s over with and the images are cached, I think the reflective rollovers are a really innovative idea, I was not expecting them and was upset to see such a cool effect flash while loading the rollover image.

  6. 006 // Jeff Croft // 05.07.2007 // 6:37 PM

    yeah, sorry for coming off harsh but your background sets a high standard for your links.

    Jeez, that’s a lot of pressure. I didn’t know I was expected to only post links of a certain quality! I actually just post things that are of interest to me. Sometimes, they’re of interest because of a great design, sometimes it’s great content, sometimes something is funny, sometimes something is interesting because it’s so incredibly bad, and sometimes things are interesting because they have a personal connection — like the websites of my friends.

    I certainly don’t claim everything I link is a great design or technological achievement.

    As far as usability equates to design I’d argue that I made a design remark

    I guess. It’s just that most people look at a design for the first time and have some overall impressions that are worth sharing, rather than focusing on one negative thing. It’s sort of like if I’d shown you a good looking girl and the first thing you said was, “she’s got a weird freckle on her chest.” Nitpicks usually follow overall impressions — that’s all.

    And, I don’t see what my comment about familiarity breeding usability has to do with this situation. Matt has certain not done anything so unfamiliar that it would affect usability.

    The background images were the first thing I noticed and as he seems to be a friend of yours, I was getting on your case for not informing him of the usability issue.

    First, I’d hardly call using two image a usability issue. The site is perfectly usable. It’s be a bit faster and more elegant with sprites, but it’s certainly usable without them.

    Don’t confuse usability with perfection. It’s a cop-out to call everything that isn’t exactly as you’d like it a usability or accessibility issue. The site is accessible and usable. Is it perfect? Probably not — but who cares?

    Second, you’re again putting your expectations on me pretty high here. I don’t make it my responsibility to tell my friends how to build their websites. I don’t care how they build their websites. That’s up to them, not me. If Matt had asked me for help, I might have pointed out the background image thing. But if a friend doesn’t ask my opinion, then I don’t usually get into it — especially when that friend is a competent web designer in their own right.

    I’m sorry if I was harsh, too. I just know that I hate it when I spend weeks redesigning my site and the only thing people have to say is “why did you size your fonts in pixels instead of ems” or “why did you choose #6699cc instead of #6699bc?”


  7. 007 // Matt Robin // 05.08.2007 // 7:54 PM

    I’ve only just discovered there were comments added to this link from you Jeff!

    Jeff, Brian, Sandro - thanks for all the comments.

    I appreciate the comments Jeff, you’ve hit the nail on the head with the ‘not perfect’ remark. If I worked for perfection in the design, I probably wouldn’t have launched when I did, so I had to risk going LIVE with a few freckles on show!

    Sandro: You’ll be pleased to know that I’m aware of how to do the CSS Sprites technique already, and I agree - it would help with the navigation images not flickering - so it’s on my list of things to get sorted. Other people have made the same comment - so it’s obvious to me that this is one of the next things to get fixed. The Safari bug that Brian and Jeff mentioned was a higher priority though because it really messed things up for Safari users - I’ll be explaining what the bug was, and how it got resolved, in the next article on the site.
    There are numerous other items that I need to sort out too - those will follow.

    For now: the design is staying as it is and just getting modified where needed. Again - thanks for the comments guys.

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