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I’ve authored two books on web and interactive design and spoken at dozens of conferences around the world.

I’m currently accepting contract work and considering full-time opportunities.

Blog entry // 12.26.2005 // 3:25 PM // 10 Comments

Fantasy Football Champion of the World!

Somehow, I’ve managed to win the Superbowl in both fantasy football leagues I played in this year. This is amazing to me, because I’ve been playing fantasy football for four years, in two leagues every year — and before this year I’d only ever made one championship game. This year alone, I made, and won, two. Crazy.

In my “friends” league — a no-money league on Yahoo! with a bunch of real-life buddies — I drafted well and was carried through the season by Shaun Alexander and Chad Johnson. I finished 14-2, losing my first game of the season and then going on an eight game win streak before losing again.

In my “web folks” league — a little-bit-of-money-involved league with several web designers/developers (myself, Mike Davidson, Paul Scrivens, Andrei Herasimchuk, D. Keith Robinson, Wilson Miner, Mike Rundle, Kareem Mayan, Josh Williams, Mike Hill, Abel Rios, Josh Dura, Matt May, Mike Papageorge, Jeremy Flint, Keith Hall, Robert Occhialini, Paul Mayne, Dirk Knemeyer, and Chris Kavinsky), I rode draftees Ladainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates through the first several weeks and then traded for Larry Johnson before Priest Holmes got injured. I also managed to pick up Brad Johnson after Culpepper got injured. While not great, this shored up what was an awful Q. situation (I had a rotation of Tim Rattay, David Carr, and A.J. Feely going to that point). L.J. carried me through the stretch run and the playoffs and into the championship game, where I defeated a shorthanded Scrivs (he failed to log in and set his lineup — which will surely “taint” my victory). I finished 12-4, winning 10 of my last 11 after a 1-3 start.

It was a fun fantasy season — thanks to everyone who played with me for a good time! :)


  1. 001 // Wilson // 12.26.2005 // 8:27 PM

    Congratulations! Sorry I made it that much more boring by checking out halfway through the season, but I was no match anyway.

  2. 002 // Mike D. // 12.26.2005 // 8:47 PM

    I would say “shortbrained” or “shortskilled” rather than shorthanded. Playing two injured guys in the super bowl is inexcusable.

    Either way, great win and great year Croftie!

  3. 003 // Paul M // 12.26.2005 // 10:53 PM

    You may have won the Super Bowl, but you’re still 0-1 against The Salt Lake Meta. Naa, you still had the Super Bowl even if Scrivens didn’t play injured guys. It’s rightly deserved. I’m looking forward to next year hoping that the live draft actually works.

  4. 004 // Chris K // 12.28.2005 // 10:29 AM

    A new job and two championships…great finish of the year for you. Congratulations! I had a lot of fun playing with you guys this year as well, even though my team sucked.

  5. 005 // Keith // 12.28.2005 // 6:39 PM

    Congrats on upending me as the IKNFFL champ man.

    Now, if we can get the damn ESPN draft to fly so we can draft our own players next year…

  6. 006 // Chris K // 12.28.2005 // 6:55 PM

    Amen on that Keith. The autodraft really blew.

  7. 007 // Jeremy Flint // 12.29.2005 // 5:59 PM

    Congrats on the big win Croft. I am with everyone else. The live draft was DOA and definitely needs to be overhauled before next year.

  8. 008 // Sean S // 12.31.2005 // 6:21 PM

    I managed 4th place in my Yahoo! league this year … which I’m proud of since my entire team was mediocre. It wasn’t until the second-half of the year that my prized player (Marvin Harrison) started producing the numbers I expected.

    I’ve come to realize the importance of the draft, and will definitely do my homework this offseason. ;)

  9. 009 // Mike P. // 01.04.2006 // 3:22 PM

    A little late to the “congrats’ party, but at least this way I can wich you a happy new year as well!

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