Jeffrey Croft

I’m a Senior Product Designer and UX Engineer in Seattle. I am currently looking for work. I’ve been making web apps, mobile apps, and websites for over 30 years! As a hybrid designer & developer, my primary skill sets are User Interface Design and Frontend Engineering.


2021-24 Most recently, I was the Founding UX Engineer at Meetingflow (previously PANDA AI), a sales-oriented Seattle SASS startup focused on optimizing the customer meeting workflow with AI. I was responsible for the product UX and design, as well as much of the frontend product development. With a very small team and limited resources, I was able to help build a modern product covering automated recording and transcription of video meetings, generative AI-powered meeting summaries and insights, an AI copilot trained on a sales team’s meetings, collaborative note-taking, and more. Meetingflow was backed by Pioneer Square Labs, The Allen Institute for AI, and others. Meetingflow was acquired in Spring 2024.

2015-21 For years, I did contract work for a variety of clients. I’ve worked with Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, and countless smaller startups and non-profits.

2010-14 Further back, I held Senior Product and UX Design roles at Seattle startups including Vantage Sports and Simply Measured. Simply Measured was acquired by Sprout Social in 2017.

2009-12 In the distant past, I co-founded, designed, built, and sold Lendle, a book lending app for Kindle users.

2007-11 Once upon a time, I published Pro CSS Techniques and Web Standards Creativity for Apress, and appeared at dozens of conferences in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

2005-06 In a past life, I worked on the team that created Django, the popular web framework for Python.

What I do

As a designer, I am primarily focused on user interfaces for web and mobile applications. Virtually all of my design work has been for the screen, and I specialize in the flexible nature of the web. I design apps and systems that are responsive, accessible, delightful, and easy to use. I have a strong understanding of the technical aspects of design, especially as it relates to layout, typography, color, and interaction.

As a developer,I often say that I focus on the front of the front-end. I am adept at building modern, responsive, and accessible web applications using React and other modern web technologies, and am capable of most front-end development tasks. However, my passion is in building user interfaces. I excel at things like:

  • Designing flexible component systems with robust APIs
  • Implementation of responsive design
  • Ensuring design work is implemented with accuracy, while embracing the web’s inherent unpredictably
  • Advanced CSS, to include animations and transitions
  • Managing component systems as a product themselves


I’m a father, a Buddhist, a yogi, a hobbyist musician and producer, and an NFL fanatic. I stand for love, tolerance, acceptance, and non-judgement.

I believe Black Lives Matter ✊🏾, Love is Love 🏳️‍🌈, and No Person is Illegal 🧡.



Professional Interests: Multimodal Generative AI, Design Systems, Music production software/technology

Skills: Mobile/Web Development, Mobile/Web/Desktop Interaction/UX Design, Responsive Design

Tools: React, React Native, Typescript, Next.js, CSS, Figma, Sketch


If you’re interested in working with me, please get in touch via e-mail at